a children’s clothing brand that wanted to grow up




2019 – 2020



ATIVO Kids is a portuguese children’s clothing brand on the market since 2005. With an original clothing line, with emphasis on its own design and truly personalized and exclusive models, it offers a wide range of clothing that is carefully adapted to childrens’ comfort, divided into 4 segments: baby boy and baby girl (from 6 months to 36 months) and boy and girl ( from 4 years to 16 years). The brand has also expanded rapidly since its foundation, being present in 20 countries, in multi-brand stores at an international level, and in 17 own stores and through wholesalers / retailers with multi-brand stores at a national level.

old logo


With the continuous growth of the company and the ever stronger competition in the market, the company wants to have greater focus on the image and communication of the brand. ATIVO asked BOOMER for a proposal for the rebranding of the brand that supports its repositioning in the market and creates value for the company’s brand and for its customers.




Based on the study of the brand carried out with customers, one of the main factors of notoriety identified was the colorful and funny logo. This recognition and positive evaluation allowed us to conclude that a major change in image could have a negative impact on customers and brand awareness. In this sense, we opted for the simplification of shapes with geometric inspiration, keeping what the previous logo conveyed as positive: the colorful, organic and funny character that refers to the children’s universe.


Knowing that children today spend most of their time indoors (at school, at home) and that outdoor experiences with family or friends create positive and strong memories that accompany children throughout their lives until adulthood, a new brand signature was proposed: “Find your nature”. The word “nature” takes on a double meaning: it’s an invitation to the expression of each child’s individuality and, at the same time, an invitation to explore the natural world around them.


Typography designed exclusively for the brand It´s simple, easy to read and adaptable to various audiences / segments, but with personality and a funny mood that appeals to young generations


An iconography was designed for application in the different touchpoints of the brand, both offline, in the context of the store and merchandise, for example; and online, on the website, social networks, etc.

The new brand was promoted in different communication media, such as billboards.

On a digital level, all channels were updated with the new brand image, from the website / ecommerce to social networks.


Clearer brand strategy


Simpler and more direct communication


A new graphic image without losing the essence


A rich and varied graphic line that follows the brand’s growth

photography: ATIVO Kids

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