A balanced meal replacement with a communication to match


PRIMOR – Charcutaria Prima


2019 – 2021



Nutriball is a complete and nutritionally balanced meal replacement and was born from a joint research project by PRIMOR – Charcutaria Prima and the University of Coimbra (UC). It is a new concept of food, a ball of nutritious meat, with a correct balance and nutritional quality, for consumers with little time for full meals.


PRIMOR – Charcutaria Prima challenged BOOMER to develop the branding, packaging, website and presentation video of this new and innovative product.


The packaging designed for Nutriball is appealing, colorful and fulfills the goal of immediately distinguishing the four flavors available: original, bacon and pineapple, ham and leek and beans and vegetables.

The cut in the package allows you to see the product inside, which can be useful for the consumer, since it is a new concept on the market.


The goal of the video is to present the product while describing the specific needs it responds to: in this case, the fact that we live increasingly fulfilling lives in which correct nutrition is often left in the background. Through motion graphics, we convey the message and present the product in an appealing and fun way.


The website designed for Nutriball intended to present the product in the context of the project that originated it, that is, it communicates to partners and not to the final consumer. The website designed is simple and informative, while being appealing and easy to read.


Colorful, informal and appealing image for the consumer

Functional and eye-catching packaging

Simple and informative website

Direct and memorable presentation video

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