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The Order of the Engineer is a professional association under public law that represents Engineers in Portugal.

Created in 1936, the Order is organized territorially into Regions, ensuring national coverage through a network of District Delegations.

In 2023, the Order organized it’s 1st National Meeting of Municipal and Public Career Engineers to bring together important figures from the professional practice of Engineering in Municipalities and other State bodies and discuss the challenges, specificities and responsibilities inherent to these sectors of Engineering in Portugal .


The Order of the Engineer set BOOMER the challenge of creating the image of the event and the physical and digital communication materials for its promotion and organization.


The image created for the event was intended to convey the key vectors of this meeting: Engineering, the Union of the different municipalities and the ideas of Convergence and Teamwork towards common objectives.

The cogwheels, an unavoidable and recognizable symbol of the engineering field, build the shape of Portugal, conveying that Engineering is present throughout the territory, with several interconnected areas that help, in essence, to build the country.

The animation created conveys the idea that the National Meeting will make national Engineering “move”, that is, that the topics discussed at the meeting will have practical application throughout the country and in all areas of Engineering.


Various communication materials were created to publicize the National Meeting via email and on the Order’s Social Networks.


In addition to digital promotional materials, decoration and support materials for the event were also developed, including a photo panel, poster, credentials and speaker presentation layout.

Photographic Credits: Order of the Engineer

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