A summer campaign to heat up sales


CARFAST – Premium Rent-a-Car





CARFAST Rent-a-Car positions itself in the market with a premium car rental service. ​ 138 / 5 000 Resultados da tradução Resultado de tradução With a diverse fleet and a comprehensive range of services, CARFAST responds to the needs of private and business customers.

BOOMER developed a digital strategy to promote its services, especially among the Portuguese community living abroad.


Increase notoriety
of the brand in the so-called “saudade market” (Portuguese emigrants)

Increase traffic to the website

Increase conversions


Increase the number of direct bookings on the website


The rent-a-car sector in Portugal is highly competitive. ​ There are several companies that provide car rental services, including networks of agencies spread across the country.

With it’s own agencies and a network of agents (partners), mainly located in the North of Portugal, CARFAST adopted the strategy of communicating and capturing leads from a niche market.

With the BOOMER’s help, the challenge was to respond to the specific needs of this niche, appealing to emotional and identity factors.

The Northern region of Portugal was chosen as the territory to highlight in the creatives of Paid Media campaigns, as well as CARFAST’s Unique Selling Points: premium service, modern fleet and special rental conditions.


To achieve the proposed goals, we developed a content strategy for social networks and ran an advertising campaign using Meta Ads.

Through the content strategy, we sought to reinforce CARFAST Rent-a-Car’s presence on digital channels, as well as generate recognition, consideration and conversion.

The Paid Media campaigns in Meta Ads, which ran for 1 and a half months, were structured to impact multiple audiences, including “hot” and “cold” audiences and similar audiences. We will use various segmentation options available on the platform, such as interests, behaviors and demographic data.

In the conversion phase of the campaign, we implemented remarketing techniques to reach the audience that visited the website or that previously interacted with the ads.

The different phases of the campaign were organized by different sets of ads,
which resulted in the following results:

+1 500

link clicks

+155 000

people reached

+1 500 000



cost per result

+25 000

website sessions



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