Carioca Park
Designing a space where fun comes naturally


Carioca Park





Carioca Park is an indoor amusement park, located in Trofa, which offers, on a daily basis, a space for little ones to have fun and create memories.


Carioca Park challenged BOOMER to develop the branding and decoration of the space.


The logo developed for Carioca Park incorporates the main characteristics of the brand:

It is cheerful, informal and dynamic, appealing to a younger audience.

The rounded and organic typography gives it a fun feel, the position of the letters and lines make it appear to be moving and the smiley gives it a playful and irreverent look.

Space decoration

Nature and wildlife were the inspirations for the decoration of the Carioca Park space.

The representation of animals and their habitats brings a colorful and fun character to the space that encourages play.

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