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Leica – Aparelhos Ópticos de Precisão, S.A. was funded in 1973, in Vila Nova de Famalicão, and it’s integrated in Leica Camera AG. Leica Camera AG is a manufacturer of cameras and sports optical products in the premium segment that operates internationally. The legendary status of the Leica brand is based on a long tradition of excellence in the manufacturing of lenses and other optical devices. And today, together with innovative technologies, Leica products still guarantee better images in the vizualization and perception fields. The innovative products have been the driving force responsible for the company’s development in the last years.


Leica Portugal challenged BOOMER to redesign their magazine Focus, an internal magazine that seeks to strengthen the organizational culture.

“Sustainability” was the theme that guided this seventh edition. On one hand, it was addressed the environmental sustainability and the company’s role on the environmental preservation, and, on the other hand, the business sustainability.

When it comes to the design, BOOMER chose to keep the simple and classic design of the previous editions, adding a touch of modernism and asymmetry, all in conformity with the pre-existing standards manual.


  • Promote clear, accessible and transparent internal communication;
  • Make known to all employees what the different sections of the company have been developing in the last semester;
  • Show all the employees how everyone is a major part of the company;
  • Promote the productivity, the commitment and the guidance towards results;
  • Share with the employees how the media has perceived the company;
  • Reinforce the company’s authority as an employer in the region.
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