Continental Corrida de S. João: "One Minute for the Planet", a Brand Activation with Purpose







For the second consecutive year, Continental challenged BOOMER to develop a brand activation in the “Continental Corrida de S. João 2023”.
This event, organized by Runporto, takes place once a year in Vila Nova de Gaia. This year, enrollment sold out in record time and brought together around 3,500 participants in the pedestrian zone of Canidelo.


Continental’s brand activation took place in two moments:

1) In the delivery of the Participation Kits, which took place at the Alameda Shop & Spot mall, in Porto, on the 16th and 17th of June

2) On the day of the “Continental Corrida de S. João”, in the pedestrian zone of Canidelo in V. N. de Gaia, on the 18th of June

ACTIVITY "One minute for the planet"

On the 16th and 17th of June, all participants of the “Continental Corrida de S. João” had to go to the Alameda Shop & Spot to pick up their participation kits, which provided an excellent opportunity to communicate the brand with this public.

Considering that sustainability is one of Continental’s main concerns and one of its strategic communication axes, BOOMER carried out a brand activation with an environmental and solidarity purpose. In the initiative “One minute for the Planet”, each participant who went to the Continental stand was invited to participate, running or walking, for 1 minute on a treadmill. For every 100 meters traveled, Continental would sponsor the planting of a tree in a reforestation project carried out by Quercus.


The public’s response to this solidarity activation could not have been more positive:

the initial goal of planting 500 trees was successfully achieved and the number of participants exceeded 500!


Although it is a competition, the Continental Corrida de S. João is also a family event that attracts people of all ages and experience in these competitions.
To support athletes and involve their families and friends, banners with encouraging and fun messages were distributed. The Cheerleaders Corner was also created: a spot especially designed for families where supporters and athletes could customize a banner with their message.

In this space, you could also find a lounge where athletes and families could rest during the race period.


During the race, some members of the Continental team went to support the athletes, especially in the last and crucial kilometer!


At the end of the race, all athletes could take their picture on the Continental podium: regardless of their ranking in the race, for Continental they are all winners!

Game "Show us you're a real athlete"

Being an true athlete isn’t just about speed so, at the Continental stand, participants and supporters could prove their physical skills in an entertaining game of aim.

In the “Show us you’re a real athlete” challenge, each participant had 3 attempts to hit one of the 3 holes in the 10 plastic bottles that make up a ContiRe.Tex tire, an innovative technology from Continental that allows you to replace one of the tire’s components with recycled plastic. If, during the 3 attempts, the participant got it right at least once, they would win a €10 voucher for purchases at


On the day of the race, Quercus received a symbolic check for €2,500, corresponding to the 500 trees planted by participants in the “One minute for the planet” initiative.


Reinforcement of the brand’s communication as an event sponsor through fun and memorable interactions with attendees

Creating memories with event participants, strengthening the emotional bond with the brand

A purposeful brand activation that generated a high rate of engagement from participants

Shall we run for the success of your brand?

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