Changing lives through sport


IMPACT Your Life


2022 – 2023



IMPACT Your Life is a new gym located in Fafe, in the north of Portugal, that will adopt an inclusive approach that promotes integration and a high-performance life, incorporating all aspects of movement, nutrition and regeneration.

The mission of this space is to help members maximize their inner potential, both physically and mentally.


As it is a new brand, the challenge that IMPACT posed to BOOMER started right away with branding: we defined the brand’s visual identity based on its positioning in the market, its purpose and its values.

The campaign to attract members in physical and digital media was also supported by BOOMER, which is also responsible for the social media management strategy and its implementation.


The logo created for IMPACT uses colors that refer to energy (green) and, at the same time, to health and the need to take care of body and mind (blue).

The “P” and “C” work like training bands that stretch and shrink, giving the feeling of action, movement and increased muscle mass.

The inverted triangles symbolize the athletic body shape, the wider shoulders and chest, and the narrower waist.

To make the new brand known in Fafe and the surrounding area, physical pieces were developed to promote the gym. In addition to billboards, t-shirts, wipes and banners, exclusive benefits for founding partners were communicated through flyers.

The work carried out by salespeople on the ground was reinforced with the digital campaign developed by BOOMER and which involves collecting leads from the ads created, directed to the landing page.

The results obtained have exceeded expectations.

The campaign’s landing page is “straight to the point”, collecting potential customer data for later contact by the commercial team, and respecting current legislation regarding the confidentiality of data provided.

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