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2010 – 2023



Daccord is a company specialized in Human Resources Management, whose core business is Temporary Work.

Operating in the national and international markets since 2010, Daccord is governed by principles of professionalism, competence, ethics, experience, transparency, flexibility, commitment, rigor and efficiency and is committed to trusting relationships with stakeholders, assuming commitments that ensure better services for Customers and excellent professional opportunities for Employees.


Since its founding, Daccord has trusted BOOMER to develop all of the company’s communication and marketing, including the branding, website, corporate communication pieces, social media management and materials for employment fairs.


Daccord communicates to two different audiences: companies that need to reinforce their human resources and those on the general public that are looking for a job.

Daccord’s logo is, therefore, clean and professional while transmiting a feeling of proximity that appeals to both audiences.

Corporate video

Office decor

BOOMER was responsible for the concept, design and production monitoring of the decoration of the various Daccord offices since its creation.

vehicle decoration

Communication Materials

Every year, the company is featured in various local and national media and also participates in recruitment trade shows.


In 2023, Daccord launched it’s new website.

With a modern and appealing design, the new website is more intuitive when looking for the different job offers available to candidates, in addition to having all the necessary information for companies looking for a recruitment partner.

social media

Social networks play a fundamental role when Daccord communicates with potential candidates and they’re key to transmitting confidence and credibility as a recruiting company.

Daccord is present on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with the dissemination of offers and topics such as labor legislation, tips for looking for a job or being successful in interviews, etc.

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