Cruz Vermelha Trofa
A campaign to make us stop and reflect


Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa – Delegação Trofa





The Trofa Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross has been working for 20 years to reduce social inequalities, promote sports as a means of social inclusion, combat violence, address food shortages and promote gender equality.


In 2022, the project “Espelho meu, quem desejo ser eu?”, aimed at young people from 12 to 19 years old and, intended to create moments of reflection about their dreams, desires, fears and expectations for the future.


The Red Cross challenged BOOMER to develop the materials for the two stages of the project: in the first phase, the idea was presented in the county’s schools to the target audience (young people aged 12 to 19 years old) to recruit participants; in the second phase, the results were presented to the community through an initiative that invited citizens to participate in the reflection.


The first step was to create the project’s image: a simple logo that conveys the essence of the initiative.

first step

To publicize the project among young people in the county’s schools, two materials were developed: a poster presenting the initiative and a flyer with an explanation of the project and a white space for young participants to answer the question “IMAGINE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AN DSEEING YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE. WHAT DO YOU SEE?”


In a second phase of the project, the participants recruited in the county’s schools were invited to take a picture to go along with their text.

The left half of the photograph remained original, in the right half his dreams and desires for the future were projected through drawing.

The photographs were used to advertise the project throughout the city of Trofa in billboards.

The last stage of the initiative was an exhibition with the various photographs of the participants, accompanying a set of seven mirrors with messages calling for reflection in order to impact the community and create adiscussion.


A creative and impacting campaign


A differentiating concept thata ppealed to the main target audience


A creative and appealing execution that helped to attract participants to the initiative

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