How to accelerate a car rental brand?


Premium Rent-a-Car





CARFAST positions itself as a rent-a-car that provides a premium service, characterized by well-maintained vehicles and close customer support.

BOOMER was challenged to create a modern, timeless brand that represents the personalized service that the company aims to provide.

The brand was implemented in various offline and online media, creating a cohesive and integrated communication strategy.


The speed and efficiency of the service provision is one of the key factors for a good experience in a rent-a-car and this was the motto that served as inspiration for the creation of the CARFAST logo.

This message was reinforced by the strong typography and the gray and red colors, which convey the boldness, dynamics and premium positioning that the brand intends to convey.


Stationary and Communication Materials

offices decoration

The application of the brand’s image in the office was carefully studied, with the use of iconography on the exterior to help identify the business – car rental – always maintaining the strong presence of color.

vehicle decoration


The main objective of the reformulation of the CARFAST website was to present, clearly and dynamically, the fleet and the differentiating services that the company provides to its customers.

The design of the new website focused primarily the communication of the premium services, in a current and dynamic layout, with a strong and personalized graphic language. The focus on features that allow greater proximity and more personalized customer service, such as an online chat, were critical factors in the design of the new website.



Clean and responsive design


Dynamic and interactive website


Simple booking system and integrated chat

digital marketing

As part of the Marketing strategy defined for the company, a strategic plan for the company’s digital communication was developed on different social networks.
The main goal of the page is to generate engagement and, therefore, increase brand awareness.

A specific graphic line was created for digital communication, with graphics, animations and illustrations that stand out for their creativity and sobriety, intrinsic characteristics of the brand. In parallel with organic posts, content is developed for online advertising ads (Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads), in order to capture leads and generate traffic to the website.

digital marketing

CARFAST has a network of partners and official representatives, nationally and internationally.


In order to associate the CARFAST brand with the car rental service through its network of partners, a “CARFAST SERVICE” logo was created.
This symbol is present in all of the network’s online and offline communication, as well as in the identification of partner spaces (workshops, hotels, travel agencies, etc.).

For each representative of the “CARFAST SERVICE” network, different communication materials are developed at the point of sale (flyers, roll-ups, banners, billboards, courtesy vehicle decoration, etc.) and also for digital communication, on the partners’ social networks , namely personalized campaigns.


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