PAR architecture
Communicating minimalism with passion


PAR architecture





Created in 2019 by two experienced portuguese architects based in Genève, Switzerland, PAR is a bespoke architecture, urbanism and interior design studio.

The challenge was to create a strong yet minimalist visual identity that would be applied to different communication materials.


With inspiration in the meaning of the word “par” (“pair” in portuguese), and taking into account the essence of the brand – founded by two architects, the human forms were combined with the triangle, a symbol of perfection and balance, resulting in a simple, minimalist logo but with a strong presence, which simultaneously conveys a young but professional image.

The website design was inspired by the world of architecture, with a minimalist structure that highlights the content – namely, the images of the projects.

Com um layout geométrico e moderno, adaptado a todos os dispositivos, o novo website apresenta uma navegação user-friendly.

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