Clínica Tiago Duarte
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Clínica Tiago Duarte





Clínica Tiago Duarte specializes in Physiotherapy, Orthopedics and Sports Therapies, operating in the private sector, with personalized service and individual treatments.

With a client portfolio that includes renowned athletes in the areas of cycling, athletics or football, the clinic has invested in innovation and technology, applied to gym equipment and offices. With the aim of ensuring better conditions for its customers, Clínica Tiago Duarte has expanded its facilities and invested in renewing the image of the brand and spaces.


To better communicate the brand’s new positioning, a new logo was developed consisting of lettering and an icon with geometric shapes inspired by kinesiology.

These elements transmit the movement of the human body and unfold in the iconography used in the Clinic’s communication and decoration materials, giving dynamism and energy to the brand.

Clinic's decor

The application of the brand in the clinic facilities was carefully studied, with the use of the iconographic pattern in the interior and exterior communication with vinyl, illuminated signs and other decorative elements, namely, in the reception, in the gym, in the doctors’ offices and in the common areas.


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