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ANA Medicina Dentária is a dental clinic located in the city of Maia that strives for excellence and oral health accessible to all. It stands out for its implantology service due to the advantages and conditions offered, such as transport and accommodation for the patient if he/she is geographically distant from the clinic.


BOOMER developed a digital strategy to enhance the clinic’s reputation and promote its services, namely the implantology service.


Increase brand awareness among its potential target audience

Improve the image and value proposition (services and advantages)

Generate qualified leads


The dental clinics’ market is very competitive, with numerous centers and adjacent establishments, as well as major players in large urban centers that have an unequaled communication and attraction capacity. Thus, it is imperative to work consistently and in the long term on the clinic’s image so that it stands out and conquer space in the consumers’ minds.

A strategy was drawn up in order to leverage the tools available and achieve the best cost-benefit ratio, taking into account the objectives of the campaign. Thus, the campaign was developed in three aspects, in a sequence that corresponds to the consumer’s purchasing behavior:

1 – Awareness

2 – Consideration

3 – Conversion

To achieve the defined objectives, a sales funnel strategy was developed to capture leads (new customers) which was based, above all, on the creation of a landing page and on generating traffic for it through paid media.

In addition to the creatives (images), promotional videos of the Clinic and services were developed to increase impact and interaction rates, as well as a partnership with an influencer.

In addition, a content Strategy was developed for the Clinic’s social media – Facebook and Instagram, in accordance with the defined goals.

Content to generate awareness, consideration and conversion was created.

Several Facebook/Instagram and Google – Search and Display – ad campaigns were promoted to generate interaction, firstly, and to generate traffic to the Landing Page, secondly.

Later, conversion ads were developed, based on the audiences created in result of the previous ads, which were impacted with retargeting campaigns.


(6 Months Campaign Length )

+700 000


+12 000


+5 000

LP’s visits


generated leads



High return on investment


Increase in brand awareness



+ new followers on Facebook and Instagram


new visitors on main website

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